Homework is graded according to the position of the pupil in the school. For the first two years homework should not exceed one hour per night.


In Key Stage 3 homework is set weekly in English, Mathematics and Science. It is set fortnightly in all other subjects. Homework for all Years is also available on ‘Moodle’ the virtual learning environment. Subject teachers may also set additional homework linking directly with topics studied in lessons.

In Year 9 there is the opportunity for some pupils to begin their GCSE courses and therefore homework is a balance of coursework, revision, research and other extended learning tasks. Time required to complete homework can increase to one and a half hours each evening.

In Years 10 and 11, Pupils can expect at least hour per night and every subject will set 1 homework per week.

Pupil Planner

All pupils are issued with a pupil planner to help to improve communications between home and school and to help pupils record their homework. Training will be given to pupils, by their Form Tutor, in the correct use of the planner. We would ask parents to check and sign the planner each week to ensure their child is keeping up to date. Under this system parents will be informed if their child does not produce work to the required standard.

Planner Checks

Every Form Tutor will check pupils planners at least once a week. Year 7, 8 and 9 Form Tutors will check planners on a Tuesday during form time and Year 10 and 11 Form Tutors will check planners on a Monday during form time.

  • Pupils without planners or those without parents’ signatures will be detained by Form Tutors for 30 minutes and 15 minutes respectively.
  • Heads of Year, Pupil Support Managers and the Assistant Principals will conduct random planner checks which will take place throughout the year. Pupils without planners will have their name logged. Heads of Year and Pupil Support Managers will hold detentions for those pupils on Thursdays.