School Council

The School Council

We are pleased to announce that the new school council has been democratically selected by peers. The council have created a pupil survey from which 4 main areas have been identified. These will be the main agenda points for the initial cycle of meetings with members of the senior leadership team.

The school council will be using their democratic and collective voice as part of our  British Values initiative.

Year 7                                                       Year 8

Gracie-May Aikenhead                                 Macie Gorton

Rose Ainsworth                                              Megan Oddy

Oliver Deering                                                Ben Woolstencroft

Georgia May Nevers

Year 9                                                       Year 10

Lauren New                                                    Joel Carr

Toria Woolstencroft                                      Willoe Sandiford

Marcus Rathore                                              Elisha Goma Moukala

Hannah Chick


Year 11

Charlie Evans

Eden Deering

April Wright