Social Sciences

The Social Science department at Broadoak encompasses a range of subjects, primarily PSHCEE and RE taught at Key Stage 3, and then GCSE RE and BTEC Tech Health and Social Care as options at KS4.  The Social Science department is firmly established at Broadoak and plays an integral role in providing Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) opportunities as the back-bone to the wider curriculum.  Broadoak prides itself on supporting each pupil holistically as a person, and the Social Science subjects support pupils in their journey throughout Broadoak and ultimately prepares the young people for the world outside.  We are motivated by the ambition to instil our young people with the wherewithal to be happy, healthy, responsible active members of our local and global community.

PSHCEE is a combination of Personal, Social Health and Economic Education, and Citizenship and Careers and is taught throughout Key Stage 3 to all pupils.  At Year 9 a comprehensive Sex and Relationship curriculum is delivered.  See the Dean Trust centralised Sex Education Policy for further details.

RE is also taught to all pupils at Key Stage 3 and provides an opportunity to  explore all world religions in an impartial setting.  GCSE RE is then an option available to Key Stage 4 which is typically one of the highest performing subjects, achieving 100% 9-5 grades in 2018, and 33% 9-7 grades.  With a more vocational focus, BTEC Tech in Health and Social Care is equally as popular and typically successful with 100% Pass rate in 2018, 43% of which were Distinction and Distinction* grades.

The progression onto Social Science courses which includes A-level Psychology, Sociology, Politics, Ethics and RE, and/ or  BTEC qualifications in Health and Social Care or Childcare remain popular options post-16.

Social Sciences

Social Sciences

Download curriculum maps.

 Adobe PDF Year 7 PSHCEE Curriculum Overview
Adobe PDF Year 8 PSHCEE Curriculum Overview
  Adobe PDFYear 9 PSHCEE Curriculum Overview

pdf icon Year10 BTEC Health & Social Care Curriculum Overview

pdf icon Year 11 BTEC Health & Social Care Curriculum Overview

pdf icon Year 8 RE Curriculum Overview

pdf icon Year 9 RE Curriculum Overview

pdf icon Year 11 RE Curriculum Overview


Extra Curricular Activities

Social Sciences extra curricular activities are displayed on the Extra Curricular Activities page.


Mrs S LordHead of Social Science
Mr D. HuntSocial Sciences Teacher