Stars of the Week   Recently updated !

Stars of the Week 28th April 2017

Each week members of staff nominate pupils who they feel have excelled or ‘gone the extra mile’. Congratulations to all pupils who were awarded Stars of the Week.




Eve Always tries her best in both Maths and Phonics and is always a pleasure to work with. She is also becoming more confident with being involved in class discussions, which is lovely to see Mrs Peak
Josie Another fantastic HW! Joint highest grade in the year group for her Easter Project with a fantastic amount of detail, high level evaluation at GCSE standard and beautiful presentation Mr Hunt
Drew Fully up to date with all this coursework. Has created some fabulous models of his design ideas Miss Garner
Louise Louise has completed an extraordinary amount of History work in her own time to an exceptional standard. I am delighted with her effort Mrs Ganderton
Ethan Fantastic work ethic in learning and practising for his GCSE group performance Mr King
Claire Attitude in PE has come on in leaps and bounds this year. She is now so much more determined and positive and as a result of this came one of the top in her year group when completing the 1500metres Miss Breslin
Brooke Brooke is such a welcoming edition to the PE department. Her attitude and determination in all lessons is incredible and has given the girls some fresh competition! She came first place in the out of all the girls in the year at the 1500 metres Miss Breslin