During Year 7 Design Technology pupils will be learning Foundation Skills relating to a range of subjects such as Product Design, Computer Aided Design and Food & Nutrition. The purpose of Year 7 Design Technology is to become familiar with the tools, equipment and machines that will be used throughout the Key Stage 3 curriculum. In Year 8 pupils will have the opportunity to travel the world exploring different cultures through their design work. This includes studying a range of multicultural recipes as well as designing products based on countries and cultures. Year 9 Design Technology focuses on Festivals, exploring how to make heathy recipes inspired by junk food as well as designing speakers.


We are pleased to announce that the Design Technology curriculum in broadening and soon we hope to have our very own textiles room which will be kitted out with sewing machines and other exciting pieces of equipment that can be used in all of the projects above.


The Key Stage 4 curriculum offers a range of exciting options which are suited to a range of different learners. Pupils can choose to study Product Design, Food & Nutrition and Creative Studies: Craft. All of these subject encase both practical, written and theory elements which allow pupils to be creative and original in their working styles. Our current Year 11 Food & Nutrition group are the last year group to undertake the ‘old style’ A* – GCSE. Our current Year 10 Product Design will be studying the entire course on the ‘old style’ A* – GCSE. Creative Studies: Craft is a Level 2 course in which learners are awarded Pass, Merit or Distinction.




Download curriculum maps.

Yr 7 Curriculum Map Adobe PDF
Yr 8 Curriculum Map  Adobe PDF

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Extra Curricular Activities

Technology extra curricular activities are displayed on the Extra Curricular Activities page.


Miss K GarnerHead of Applied & Creative Learning (Technology, Arts & Vocational)
Mr S WooldridgeTeacher of Technology
Mrs A WorswickTeacher of Art, Assistant Principal