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The aims of Careers Education and Guidance within Broadoak School are:

  • To give students the skills to assess their own interests, aptitudes, abilities, skills and preferred learning styles;
  • To give students the skills and knowledge needed to make well-informed decisions about their future;
  • To ensure that students have detailed knowledge and understanding of the opportunities open to them post-16 and post-18;
  • To enable students to access and use careers information effectively to aid their decision making process;
  • To prepare pupils for adulthood so that they may function effectively in the world of work;
  • To enable students to cope effectively with and plan for transition;
  • To offer a careers education and guidance programme that is motivating, involving, challenging, exciting, engaging and enjoyable, and that encourages curiosity and creativity in the students;
  • To provide a coherent careers education programme, progressing from Year 7 through to Year 11;
  • To meet the needs of all ability levels effectively;
  • To provide an impartial and objective CEG programme that meets the requirements of the internal entitlement statements for each year group;
  • To integrate CEG into the National Curriculum, thereby placing greater emphasis on the value of CEG;
  • To work in partnership with the wider community, including parents and local business links to enhance the students’ experiences of the world of work.
  • To provide impartial and confidential careers guidance to students at the appropriate time in their education
  • Underpinning the aims is the essential premise that all career learning will be planned and delivered in such a manner that has relevance to the needs of the young person.


Here at Broadoak School we are committed to using a variety of learning experiences to help young people manage the key decision points in their lives. Students receive careers education during PSHCEE lessons, through a supporting assembly programme and off timetable events. The education they receive prepares them to make informed decisions about the next learning or employment stage for them.

All pupils have access to careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) as part of their curriculum. The programme is delivered in PSHCEE lessons and through subject lessons. This allows pupils to explore individual career options, gain an awareness of the job market and to develop the core skills needed for employment.

We aim to enable our pupils to make informed choices about their future learning and career pathways.

We offer a drop in service at breaks, lunchtimes and after school for students as well as an appointment system for individual careers guidance interviews.

Students and staff usually call in to book appointments but students can also email us to do this. Parents and Carers are always very welcome.  In addition, Mrs Eyong is available parents’ evenings from year 9 upwards for careers guidance and support.


Broadoak is a very inclusive school with a diverse population. Children with a wide range of special educational needs are successfully included in our mainstream setting, with varying degrees of support.

From Year 9, every pupil with SEND (with or without an Education, Health Care Plan- EHCP) have access to face to face guidance with Mrs Lord, the Careers Adviser who provides support with their future plans and to manage key transition stages i.e. Choosing GCSE options, Parents evenings, EHCP annual reviews, post 16 options etc.  and liaises with the Local Authority (Trafford Council) when necessary.






Mrs Susan Peak, has the interesting and challenging role as Work Experience Coordinator. She works with students in Year 10 and helps them find appropriate placements to enhance their individual career opportunities.  Mrs Peak also coordinates employer engagement opportunities alongside Mrs Lord.


Broadoak School recognises the value that employers can provide to young people’s education and as such welcomes offers of support and involvement from employers across all industries.  Broadoak hosts several Careers events throughout the academic year where employers, training providers and representatives from Further and Higher Education are welcome to get involved.  Please contact Mrs Lord on   if your organisation would like to engage with the CEIAG at Broadoak School.

Career Bulletin.

A Career Bulletin is produced every term for parents/carers and pupils. This is to keep you informed of career activities happening in and out of school which pupils would benefit from and help them to make informed career choices for their future.

Careers Resources

Pupils have access to the following Careers Software that Broadoak School purchase an annual licence for:

  • Kudos: Kudos is useful for generating career ideas as it matches likes and dislikes to aspects of different careers or careers relating to subjects of interest

It produces a list of career suggestions based on your answers to questions about your various aspects of work. You can see how well you are matched to any career within the program and see why each one has or has not been suggested for you. You can also look up your own career suggestions and see how suitable these are. Health factors can also be included to see how these may affect career choice

  • eClips:eClips is useful for researching specific careers or careers relating to subjects of interest. It has information about what qualifications, experience or interests you will need for a whole range of jobs
  • Higher Ideas:Higher Ideas is useful for researching universities and degree courses linked to interests, career ideas or subject choice. It is your starting point for higher education research, generating lots of ideas for courses to consider based on your current studies, interests and career ambitions.

To access these softwares, pupils should login via Moodle and go to the Careers page.


We work proactively to support our leavers in their progression onto further education, training and employment.  Data captured in January 2018 of the activity of our recent 2017 cohort, indicate that 67% have continued in further education, 7% in full time training positions, 9% progressed onto Apprenticeship programs and 9% of leavers were yet to settle into their career path (NEET).  We continue to support leavers throughout their Year 12 and 13 studies to encourage sustained progress into their chosen careers.

Destinations after 1 year from previous cohorts is as follows:


AFTER 1 YEAR 2012/13 leavers 2013/2014 leavers 2014/2015 leavers
All Pupils 79% (21% NEET) 83% (17% NEET) 81% (19% NEET)
Disadvantaged 66% (34% NEET) 80% (20% NEET) 72% (28% NEET)


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Mr Lee McConaghie
Head Teacher

Mrs Sarah Lord
Head of Social Science and Careers Coordinator and Careers Adviser

Mrs Susan Peak
Work Experience Coordinator

Higher Education

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