Year 7 Catch Up Premium 2017-2018

Catch up Premium 2017-18


In 2017-2018 Broadoak School was allocated £11,426 (inc. £3334 carried forward) in funding as part of the Year 7 catch up initiative. Year 7 catch-up funding provides additional funding for every student who has below the expected standard in reading and/or mathematics at Key Stage 2. This funding aims to help these students to ‘catch up’ with their peers during their first year at the school.
How the allocation of funds is currently being spent during 2017-2018:

In English:
The employment of an intervention tutor (term 1 and term 3) to facilitate reading age intervention.
Step-by-step phonics activity booklets for use in withdrawal intervention sessions: Ruth Miskin Programme.
Class sets of novels aimed at lower-abilities with appropriate scaffolded resources.
Class sets of pupil-friendly texts for difficult to access texts and dyslexia resources for the library.
AQA resources for the Step Up to English Silver and Gold qualifications (currently running with 6 Y10 and 1 Y11 eligible pupils).
Differentiated literacy resources to facilitate the increased emphasis on spelling, punctuation and grammar in the new GCSE.
Enrichment activities for reluctant and low ability readers through our Poet in Residence Tony Walsh
The students selected have an average reading age of 6.43 years compared to a chronological age of 11.69 years resulting in an average below reading age of 5.26 years.
The impact of the expenditure on the attainment of pupils will be demonstrated as follows:
End of year reading age data showing improvement from the start of year reading age results below; attainment measured through teacher assessment using GCSE style exam questions and completion of the AQA Step Up to English qualification.

In Maths:
Recruitment of a specialist mathematics tutor for one day per week during the academic year to provide additional intervention; one to one tuition; for those below expected standard on entry in Year 7 in Mathematics for one lesson per week.
Step-up and Catch up textbooks to assist in identifying areas of pupil weakness
The impact of the expenditure on the attainment of pupils is demonstrated as follows:
The students included in this intervention group will be assessed on a half termly basis throughout the year. Using this data at the end of the year we will be able to measure the progress of these students relative to their peers to evaluate how effectively they have closed the gap.