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Careers Education

The aims of Careers Education and Guidance within Broadoak School are:

  • To give students the skills to assess their own interests, aptitudes, abilities, skills and preferred learning styles;
  • To give students the skills and knowledge needed to make well-informed decisions about their future;
  • To ensure that students have detailed knowledge and understanding of the opportunities open to them post-16 and post-18;
  • To enable students to access and use careers information effectively to aid their decision making process;
  • To prepare pupils for adulthood so that they may function effectively in the world of work;
  • To enable students to cope effectively with and plan for transition;
  • To offer a careers education and guidance programme that is motivating, involving, challenging, exciting, engaging and enjoyable, and that encourages curiosity and creativity in the students;
  • To provide a coherent careers education programme, progressing from Year 7 through to Year 11;
  • To meet the needs of all ability levels effectively;
  • To provide an impartial and objective CEG programme that meets the requirements of the internal entitlement statements for each year group;
  • To integrate CEG into the National Curriculum, thereby placing greater emphasis on the value of CEG;
  • To work in partnership with the wider community, including parents and local business links to enhance the students’ experiences of the world of work.
  • To provide impartial and confidential careers guidance to students at the appropriate time in their education
  • Underpinning the aims is the essential premise that all career learning will be planned and delivered in such a manner that has relevance to the needs of the young person.

Work Experience

Mrs Susan Peak, has the interesting and challenging role as Work Experience Coordinator. She works with students in Year 10 and helps them find appropriate placements to enhance their individual career opportunities.  Mrs Peak also coordinates employer engagement opportunities alongside Mrs Lord.

Employer Engagement

Broadoak School recognises the value that employers can provide to young people’s education and as such welcomes offers of support and involvement from employers across all industries.  Broadoak hosts several Careers events throughout the academic year where employers, training providers and representatives from Further and Higher Education are welcome to get involved.  Please contact Mrs Lord on   if your organisation would like to engage with the CEIAG at Broadoak School.


We work proactively to support our leavers in their progression onto further education, training and employment.  Data captured in January 2022 of the activity of our recent 2021 cohort, indicate that 90.5% have continued in further education, 0% in full time training positions, 5.88% progressed onto Apprenticeship programs and 3.53% of leavers were yet to settle into their career path (NEET).  We continue to support leavers throughout their Year 12 and 13 studies to encourage sustained progress into their chosen careers.


Careers Leader

Broadoak School Careers Advisor: Mrs S. Peak
Phone: 0161 776 1977


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