Partington Parish Council Raffle – 1st Pink 16-20 – 2nd Green 951-955 – 3rd Green 486-490 – Collect Prizes from Reception

14th June 2024

Headteacher Message

Mr. John Knowles

Today is always a bittersweet day for the school. The final school day for Year 11 pupils is a special event (although some pupils do still have exams and revision sessions next week for a small number of exams). It is always emotional as it marks the end of a huge part of these young people’s lives. No matter how many times staff attend these events – and I have attended many – each one is special in its own way. We will miss the Year 11 of 2024, but we understand they need to move on in the world and we wish them all the best and they know that we will always be there for help, support and advice even when they leave us.

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