Newsletter 12th January

Headteacher Message

Mr. John Knowles

This half term is a short but packed one. After two long half terms of seven and eight weeks this one will fly by ! As we move in this part of the year we see a number of Progress evenings. It is really important that you attend where possible, this allows you to have discussions with members of staff which help to indicate next steps.

This is particularly important for the two year groups who have Progress evenings in the coming weeks. Year 11 Progress evening is next week, this is well timed as we can really work together with the last push that Year 11 pupils , need. It is so effective when we all work together.

Also this half term sees two events for Year 9. We have a Progress evening and our Options evening, this is clearly hugely important as it is the first time in their schooling where pupils can make some decisions of their own regarding subjects to be studied at Key Stage 4. We look forward to welcoming our parents / carers and pupils at these three evenings – please note that the Progress evenings run from 4-6pm.

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