Newsletter 19th January

Headteacher Message

Mr. John Knowles

I would like to congratulate all our pupils this week on the very mature and considerate way they behaved on Tuesday. A big snowfall always causes excitement in schools, occasionally this can tip over and become a behavioural issue. This was absolutely NOT the case this week and shows how respectful our pupils are.

It would be great if we could all get behind the annual Green Football Weekend ( , this year the focus is on diet and eating more ‘Green’. If you can get involved and ‘pledge’ you upload evidence and gain points. We can then take Broadoak to the top of the league – there are prizes to be won for the school. When making your pledge please make sure that you select Manchester United (as we have a link with them) and include Broadoak in your username so we can see Broadoak pupils on the leaderboard. This only runs for two more weeks so let’s get going

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