At Broadoak, our curriculum is designed to be aspirational and to ensure that all pupils achieve to the very best of their ability. Lessons are tailored to meet the needs of all learners and are engaging, fast paced and fun. Pupils are taught skills and strategies to help them become more effective, independent, resilient learners which prepares them for the different stages of school life.

Pupils learn about the career opportunities each subject brings, so they can make informed choices about their GCSE subjects and career paths of interest to them. They are given appropriate specialist advice and support in making the transition between Key Stages 3 and 4, preparing them fully for higher education opportunities and for embracing the world of work. The breadth of subjects offered ensures that our children maximise their social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.

The Dean Trust benefits from having a Teaching School at the heart of its operation that supports the continuing professional development of all of our teaching staff to ensure that our pupils benefit from the very latest teaching methods and research.

Pupils are placed into sets in Year 7 using SATs baseline data from Key Stage 2 or Teacher Assessments at the end of each year. Such arrangements ensure that teaching and learning is tailored to meet the needs of all pupils. Sets in Year 7 and 8 are based on English and Maths ability – in Year 9 pupils are then also put into sets based on their Science ability.

At Key Stage 4 pupils remain in ability groups for English, Mathematics and Science but are placed in mixed ability groups for all options subjects.

The timetable is based on a 30 period week with pupils being taught 6 lessons a day of 50 minutes each.

At the end of Year 8 pupils are required to opt to continue with either History or Geography to GCSE. Sets 1 and 2 also continue with Spanish as a compulsory subject. This is the traditional ‘academic’ pathway for pupils who want to go to college to study A-levels and then potentially on to University.

This Ebacc pathway will give pupils flexibility in choosing their futures, taking subjects that have both the breadth and depth to prepare students to progress in further or higher education and for work. By 2020 almost 60% of the cohort will follow this pathway.

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