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Newsletter 23rd February 2024
23 February 2024
I am pleased to be able to announce and promote a further digital skills course running locally here in Partington. This course has already seen more than 30 learners achieve a Level 2 ICT qualification from Partington residents, this enhances individuals CVs as well as increasing their confidence and ability with ICT. A further incentive for participation and completion includes shopping vouchers and a free tablet device on completion. The next course starts on the 4th March and is held at the Partington Youth Centre. Please see the flyer in the newsletter for further details.
Newsletter 2nd February 2024
2 February 2024
Children and Young People’s Mental Health week is next week. Broadoak work very closely with Trafford and more recently and particularly with Trafford Thrive in Education. There is a lot of media coverage surrounding young people’s mental health, especially post COVID. The attached link takes you to the latest Thrive newsletter which is well worth a visit and gives excellent information and signposting regarding this important area. Please take the time to have a look at the site, but feel free to contact the school if you need any further information or support.
Newsletter 26th January
26 January 2024
This week has seen all Year 9 pupils have a full day of Key Stage 4 Taster lessons. They had the opportunity to see what a number of courses entailed and take part in lessons which they do not currently study. This is a fantastic process which really helps pupils to make informed decisions about their choices for the next two years.
Newsletter 19th January
19 January 2024
I would like to congratulate all our pupils this week on the very mature and considerate way they behaved on Tuesday. A big snowfall always causes excitement in schools, occasionally this can tip over and become a behavioural issue. This was absolutely NOT the case this week and shows how respectful our pupils are.
Newsletter 12th January
12 January 2024
This half term is a short but packed one. After two long half terms of seven and eight weeks this one will fly by ! As we move in this part of the year we see a number of Progress evenings. It is really important that you attend where possible, this allows you to have discussions with members of staff which help to indicate next steps.
Newsletter 21st December
21 December 2023
There are different pointers for us all that Christmas is coming. Here at Broadoak we have two regular annual events which to us signify that Christmas is here, the first is our Christmas Party for the local OAPs. This was yet again a fantastic event, it allows many of our pupils to engage with our older residents, through cooking and serving them food and drinks, through performing Christmas songs and music and just through actually having the opportunity to talk to them.
Newsletter 15th December
15 December 2023
We have just had our first round of termly reward trips completed this week. It is now becoming a regular occurrence that we need to run two separate trips so that we can facilitate the increasing numbers who qualify for these trips – we also had a separate reward experience for those who did not want to go ice skating!
Newsletter 8th December
8 December 2023
This week all year 11 pupils have had a mock interview with an employer in school. This is a fantastic experience for them as they need to complete their cv and then prepare for the interview. This will put them in good stead for the future, it will make college / apprenticeship / job interviews a little less daunting and stressful as they will now have a better idea of what to expect.
Newsletter 1st December
1 December 2023
Thank you to all those parents and carers who attended our meeting on Tuesday session on Understanding our Reading Ages. Ms Parkins delivered a well received presentation and talked to all about how important reading is, what we are doing in school to support in this area specifically , and what parents and carers can also do. Everyone also left with a free book to get them going. Alongside this Ms Parkins has also delivered assemblies to all pupils this week on the theme of literacy and reading.
Newsletter 23th November
23 November 2023
As we move along with the plans for the redevelopment of the Partington Sports Village site and wider area we come to a series of community engagement sessions taking place next week. Details of the events are included in the Trafford Moving newsletter below.
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